Pole Kiosks


Pole Kiosk Advertising- Effective, Incisive and Impactful! 

Pole Kiosks - the most efficient and impressionable way of advertising and branding. Pole Kiosk Advertising comprises of putting up small and compact advertising Hoardings on electric poles, back to back in a row on major city roads.
These small but conspicuous pole kiosk Hoardings attract roving eyes of large number of people passing through these roads. Their eyes come and rest on these boards because of their attractiveness and hence they become an very effective medium to draw attention and create an ever-lasting impression on the mind space of movers on the roads.

Pole Kiosks! Total brand recall! 

One of the most conventional means of outdoor advertising - Kiosks is being used by clients for a long time now because of their popularity and success. The biggest advantage of launching an ad campaign through pole kiosks is that it provides good brand recall on customers' mind space through repeated exposure of the brand message.

Pole Kiosks- Conventional yet the right strategy! 

Lamp post banner ads are one of the conventional modes of OOH Advertising which are still in practice. Sited everywhere – in the streets and roadsides, lamp post banners allow advertisers to target precise geographical locations and provide massive appeal to customers of that particular geographical location.