Bus Advertising

• Highly cost effective medium.
• Wide area coverage in limited budget
• Easy to read advertisings at eye level for people travelling by cars
• Easily visible and attention drawing displays
• Multiple cities covered

What is Bus Advertising?
A form of publicity campaign that uses buses to get across the advertiser's message to people all around is known as Bus advertising. This innovative idea has found an application all around, Bus advertising can be used to launch political campaigns to brand promotions.

Choose bus advertising for the given below significant benefits:

• The very fact that public transports especially buses are extremely mobile and are to seen practically everywhere, provides an added advantage. This is the chief reason why Bus Advertisings are so popular and effective.
• Bus media provides an excellent opportunity to organizations to cover the entire market, wider market areas and that too with great frequency. Since these public transport vehicles travel to every corner of the city and in some cases even beyond, they easily reach the whole market and cater to a larger audience.
• Moreover, bus companies use every vehicle in their fleet for the purpose of advertising regularly thereby ensuring that the ads are visible to a large number of people on a daily basis. And people belonging to all walks of life get to view these ads. This frequency together with cost-effectiveness makes bus advertising highly preferable.
• The biggest plus point of bus ads is that they being usually universal in terms of size, advertisers can get a single size ad designed and place it across several markets in one go. This frees them the hassles of having to create several different sizes for every town. The graphic artists also find bus advertising to their advantage and therefore, encourage the media planners to go for the bus medium.

Bus Wraps :
Another unique aspect of Bus advertising is Bus wrap. The viewers are attracted towards a bus wrapped from top to bottom in an eye-catching and flashy advertisement. With improvement in production methods and technology, it can only be hoped that the cost of generating such bus wraps will reduce further, making them more affordable.

Who is specifically looking at bus ads?
You do! We do! We all do! And so do lakhs of other people, every day. Buses display the advertiser's message very efficiently as they travel past all demographic groups covering a wide geographic area. Bus ads find the undivided attention of their audiences when there is far less competition and they can't be turned off, deleted or impulsively thrown in the trash.

Bus Advertising- an extremely effective out-of-home advertising media:
Out-of-home advertising is an often disregarded as an effective marketing strategy, but tactically can prove to be very important component to the marketing of a product or service. You may ask why? This is because Out-of-home advertising is capable of capturing the attention of your audience without the competing influences present at home in the form of newspapers and magazines crowded with ads, back-to-back TV and radio commercials, direct mails in your inbox, text messages on your mobiles, hearsay and not to mention family and household demands.