Auto Rikshaw Branding



Auto Rikshaw Advertising in Nashik is one of the most popular transit medium among advertisers. The colloquial term in Nashik for auto advertising is Auto Rickshaw Advertising. There are more than 1,00,000 autos in Nashik where advertisers can place ads. Advertising Rate for Auto in Nashik is available in the Media Options and Details section of this page. Auto in Nashik is used by people across demographics and ranges from students going to schools and colleges, shopping and office commute. Through advertising in autos in Nashik, a brand can target all segments of the population. Moreover, the cost of auto advertising in Nashik is one of the lowest among all other transit advertising options. The Media Ant is a specialist agency for Auto advertising in Nashik. You can contact us to get best rates for auto advertising.

Ola Auto: Ola Auto branding provides a fantastic promotional media in a wonderful outdoor medium to suit to your media plan. It also is by far the most affordable outdoor medium. Slowly, the clutter of banners, posters and the like is increasing and thus their impact on audiences is declining.

Facts and Figures

Reach data on Auto Rickshaw Nashik Advertising

• Autos in Nashik travel around 150 - 200 km in a day

• The average travel time in an auto is close to 15 minutes, which is good enough to capture the traveller’s attention

• Autos in Nashik do about 10 trips per day

• An auto in Nashik carries on a average 15 unique people per day

Advantages of Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Nashik

Auto rickshaws are a primary means of transport for the masses in Nashik. Availability of autos across geographies in Nashik provides a golden opportunity to target every possible area. Auto Advertising in Nashik can be implemented at auto stand level. What this means is that an advertiser can select a particular auto stand in Nashik for advertising. All autos from that particular stand can then carry the ad. So if someone wants to target only a particular area in Nashik, auto advertising can enable that. Another advantage which has already been talked about is the low advertising rate for auto advertising in Nashik. Ads on auto are seen by people sitting inside the auto as well as people who are travelling on the same road. The high reach makes advertising cost for auto in Nashik one of the lowest when measured in terms of cost per reach.