Our Management Team


      The Founder and Executive Director of the Skysign Ad Outdoor Advertising. His job is to help the team get their job done. If anyone have ideas or feedback about what we are doing, He’d love to hear from them!

       He had spent more than a decade in dealing with many type of industry in market. As the founder of the Skysign Ad, he founded Skysign Ad after co-working some of the peoples who are already in this industry.Get Customers, Making of the Design. He dealed with many Corporate companies even with some great brands, he dealed with Educational Institutes, Automobiles, Fashion, Jewellery, Technology, etc.

       He’s so glad to be the Director if Skysign Ad. He have found that a lot of people some of them gave him very best lessons of the life and business, but he had succeded in his life and business, and achieved a great success, as the Director of Skysign Ad, he compromised many more things in his business, but he didn’t gave up. And still he is continuing a good reputation in market.


        As Skysign Ad’s Marketing Executive, he oversee all marketing efforts for Skysign Ad, clients meetings, marketing, dealing with clients, of Skysign Ad. His goal is to grow our Skysign Ad community and audience online and offline. He want to make sure that each person that tied up with Skysign Ad, knows all of our offerings and knows that we ultimately want to help advance each of our industry members. Additionally, he want to have as many people in our Industry as possible, by making sure we give them an epic experience so that they’ll want to return.

         Pre-Skysign Ad, he was a fresher in Marketing, Digital Marketing & Business Development


      She joined the Skysign Ad team in 2014, primarily behind the scenes, assisting the editorial and marketing teams with their various analytics and projects. As the Admin Head she handles the Accounting, Mailings, Handling the back office easily. She also get the opportunity to interact with our wonderful clients with our business as she assist with volunteer coordination and other